Spiral Fitness is a functional training studio located in Montreal's mile-end district

Our aim is to create a space where health and fitness are accessible to all - and especially those who don't feel at home in a traditional big gym setting. We offer small group circuit classes, personal training as well as Muay Thai and boxing.


Hear it from the coaches

We wanted to create a physical space where fitness is available and accessible for everyone. Everybody deserves to be healthy and to be fit and that’s the reason why we give the best of our capacities to create fitness programs that will best fit you.


Our philosophy

If we were to have to use only one word to describe our philosophy it would be Accessibility. It is essential for us to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and welcome to train. Regardless of everyone’s specific fitness level, we strive to make it possible for everybody to train together. We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and deserves to be fit. Deserves to function at their full potential.  We try to break the misconception that training is reserved for the aesthetically driven bodybuilder type.



The Classes


The Bootcamp

The Bootcamp training consists of integrate several exercises of moderate and high intensity one after the other in order to create a session of about 45 minutes of effort. The session takes place outside in the Mont-Royal Park.  All exercises are adapted to the level of the client so that he / she feels in their place and can progress


F.I.T Force

Force training consists of integrating exercises that will make the poly-articular movements work in order to increase muscular strength. The objective is to develop the technique to improve strength and (while developing the musculature of the body)


F.I.T Circuit

The Circuit group course is a training session of about 8 to 10 stations where the objective is to target all aspects of training (strength, mobility, agility, endurance, coordination). The exercise time is 50 to 70 seconds with a pause of 10 to 15 seconds between each exercise


F.I.T Primitive

The Primitive course is defined mainly by the use of the lower body. During this course, we touch on several specific aspects of functional training such as mobility, various motor movements and different patterns of movement




The trainers

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Vaggelis Troulis

Cofounder & Trainer


Adriano Morelli

Cofounder & Trainer



Spiral Fam

« M’entrainer au Spiral a été la meilleure décision de ma vie. Deux ans de training plus tard, je me sens tellement bien physiquement en plus de me sentir mieux tous les jours ». 

  Jean David perron de Cult Nation –


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